Capturing a unique kind of elegance

Ogie Periquet, the interior designer, created a customized look for a particular niche of a clientele. “I tried to capture the style of Art Deco from before the war. The deco designed buildings and apartments in those times were really luxury at its best. There was a kind of elegance during that era that I want to capture and preserve.”

Indeed, this timeless elegance is what graces the interiors of ONE86 AT WILSON. From the stylish lobby and hallways with touches of Philippine wood, to the customized railings and doors, Ogie says, “Taste is about projecting good design. Nothing too fancy, but you see details where it matters.”

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It’s a matter of space

Tina Periquet, principal designer of Periquet Galicia Inc., took charge of the space planning of ONE86 AT WILSON. Through her vision, the building became a masterful medley of spaces and fixtures, laying the groundwork for a luxurious and comfortable living experience for residents. She delivered a finished product that is cerebrally appealing, using a combination of art and science.

“There is a good sense of balance so that when you come into your own unit, you can tell it’s been thought of as much as the whole,” Tina says. “The developers were giving it the care a person would give his own house—not something commercial. It was personal.”

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